Xadcera Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Doma is optimistic about the clinical application value and vast market prospects of Bispecific ADCs, especially those targeting dual tumor-associated antigens (TAAs). Leveraging the shared light chain humanized antibody mouse platform, known as RenLite, and the "RenBiologics" program from its shareholder Biocytogen, Doma and its incubated companies can select differential ADC drug pipelines with independent intellectual property rights and global competitiveness from a vast library of antibody molecules that are well-suited for the development of Bispecific ADC drugs, based on the business positioning of the incubated companies.

Incubated by Doma, Xadcera is the first subsidiary dedicated to the research and development of Bispecific ADCs. Xadcera has already received funding and established its presence in BioBAY, Suzhou. The "X" in the company's English name represents Cross or Bispecific, "adc" indicates that the company's major strategic objective is developing ADCs, and "era" stands for autonomous therapy. Xadcera is committed to developing globally competitive Bispecific ADC drug pipelines for the betterment of human health.

Currently, Xadcera has introduced three Bispecific ADC pipelines from Biocytogen. DM001 FDA IND was officially approved by FDA in July 2024, followed by simultaneous clinical trials conducted internationally and in China. Xadcera has full knowledge and global rights to its three pipelines.