Doma landed in BioBAY to jointly create new drug research and development innovation highland


  On October 20, Doma announced the official start of its operation and plans to build its new drug development headquarters in Suzhou Industrial Park. Doma was established in Suzhou BioBAY in September 2021. Led by Biocytogen and supported by three major central enterprises, China Life, PICC and State Development and Investment Corp., as well as CMB International and Suzhou Industrial Park, the project involves the joint construction of an innovative drug incubation center and the investment of the first phase is expected to exceed RMB 1 billion.


  By leveraging the innovative pipelines branched from the Project Integrum platform, Doma is committed to incubating new antibody drug companies in the park and establishing a new cradle of innovation for new drug development in China. The goal of the Project Integrum is to discover numerous potential first-in-class targets and novel antibody molecules over a period of 3-5 years. Incubatees in their early stages can leverage the large number of promising new targets and antibodies identified by the platform to reduce early-stage R&D spending and move their pipelines quickly into clinical stages, thereby greatly accelerating the R&D process.

  To date, Doma has completed registration with BioBAY and commenced its operations. The company is planning to rapidly incubate two new drug companies and establish multiple Phase I clinical pipelines within two years. Moving forward, Doma also plans to purchase 50 acres of land in the park to build an incubation center that integrates R&D and production.