Raising 950 million yuan to establish China's pharmaceutical "Flagship", Doma Biopharmaceutical innovated in industry incubation.


    This is an era full of exciting advancements in life science research and development. Over the past two decades, China's pharmaceutical sector has been steadily reforming its policies, emphasizing sustainable innovation driven by clinical value. The global pandemic has brought the mRNA vaccine research and development company, Moderna, to the lime light, as well as Flagship, the investment entity supporting it. Doma Biopharmaceutical is poised to adapt to these changes, seizing opportunities, and tackling challenges while aspiring to become China's "Flagship". We aim to create a “fully integrated life science innovation and incubation platform” that converges talent, technology, industry experience, and capital to incubate more exceptional innovative technology companies, thereby contributing to the sustainable progress of the healthcare sector and human health.


 Dr. Shen Yuelei, Chairman of Doma


    In the beautiful autumn of (October) 2021, Doma Biopharmaceutical officially entered into a partnership with BioBAY (Suzhou Biomedical Industrial Park) and initiated operations. In the early summer (June) of 2022, Doma Biopharmaceutical proudly announced the successful closure of a 950 million yuan Series A financing round, setting sail for a transformative journey. Doma Biopharmaceutical is a collaborative venture founded by Biocytogen, China Life Private Equity Investment, PICC Capital, Suzhou Industrial Park Hefeng Capital, Taiping Healthcare Fund, and CMB International. With the robust support of our founding shareholders, we are poised to vigorously engage in innovative target drug development across a spectrum of cutting-edge biotechnology fields, including Dual-Payload ADC, oncolytic viruses, cell therapy, pet medications, diagnostic reagents, and AI.


Huang Rui, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Doma


    Doma Biopharmaceutical is dedicated to providing comprehensive "empowerment" incubation support to our incubated companies. We have established office spaces, conference facilities of various sizes, and laboratories spanning approximately 1200 m² within Suzhou BioBAY park, all readily available for early-stage entrepreneurial teams. We offer crucial support, including startup capital, project introduction and management, product clinical registration, and clinical research assistance. Here, the CEO of each incubated company plays the roles of a scientist, a manager, and a collaborative partner in entrepreneurship.


Jiang Li, Director of Doma and Managing Director of China Life Private Equity Investment


    Technological innovation has entered the 2.0 era, with scientists venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship. Converting scientific and technological breakthroughs into marketable products demands ceaseless exploration and innovation. As an open incubation platform for innovative biotechnology companies, we not only recognize the power of scientific innovation but also prioritize real clinical demands and market value. With access to startup funds and the technological prowess of our shareholders' platforms, startups can quickly develop their products and technologies, devise strategies based on their professional strengths, and accelerate the creation of distinctive, globally competitive R&D pipelines. This fosters rapid company growth and enhances capital utilization efficiency, ultimately delivering favorable returns to our shareholders.

Shu Wanting, Director of Doma and Head/Senior Director of the Equity Investment Department of PICC


    As an open, diverse, innovative, and efficient incubation platform for innovative biotechnology companies, Doma Biopharmaceutical aspires to collaborate with shareholders and entrepreneurs in pioneering the most cutting-edge domains of life sciences. By amalgamating state-of-the-art technologies, top-tier industry talent, and long-term capital, we endeavor to continually incubate world-class biotechnology innovators, introduce world-class innovative medical products, and make significant strides in the treatment of diseases and the extension of human life.



Lu Shanshan, representative of Doma shareholder institutions and Vice President of Taiping Innovation Investment