DM002 is a novel bispecific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) designed to treat solid tumors by targeting both HER3 and MUC1 receptors. The bispecific antibody was assembled using common light chain antibodies produced by RenLite, a fully human antibody mouse originates from Biocytogen. Its monoclonal antibody structure facilitates easy purification and drug conjugation. The structure of bispecific DM002 is a monoclonal antibody with common-light chain, based on the Biocytogen RenLite® Platform, which is stable with high purity. The Linker-Payload of DM002 is named as BLD1102 (topoisomerase inhibitor, TOPi), as described in the following figure. 


Briefly, BLD1102 is a new ADC platform developed by Biocytogen independently. BCPT02 is a novel topoisomerase 1 inhibitor with broad-spectrum and potent tumor killing ability. The uniquely designed cleavable linker has excellent hydrophilicity, the hydrophilic properties of ADC is comparable with monoclonal antibody, which greatly improves the physicochemical properties of the ADC. BLD1102-ADC exhibits high stability in plasma and high tumor killing efficacy, making it an excellent next-generation ADC technology platform.

1.DM002 BsAbs showed stronger binding avidity than their parental antibodies, suggesting that DM002 BsAbs improves binding capacity by targeting two antigens with two arms.


Figure1. Binding affinity of DM002

2.DM002 unconj. has superior endocytosis activity over parental antibodies in antigen double positive NUGC4 cancer cells.


Figure2. Tumor cell endocytosis

3.DM002 showed outstanding tumor inhibition in PDX models.


Figure 3. (A).DM002 induced dose-dependent tumor inhibition in NSCLC PDX (B-NDG + BP0508) model. 

(B). In vivo efficacy of DM002 demonstrated robust anti-tumor activity in two Colorectal PDX (B-NDG + BP0170) models

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